We are known for our project-based, hands-on approach to learning. Our approach is born out of the belief that kids learn best by exploring, discovering, and collaborating in carefully matched small groups. This is equally true in science and math as it is in English literature or art.

This constructivist approach is a lot like tinkering. It encourages students to draw connections between disciplines and build on their previous experience. It gives them the time and space to test their ideas and to figure out how things in the world work. It shows them that you have to fail a lot in order to learn and that failure is at the heart of innovation and invention. This is the way 21st century skills are built.

We believe that our small classrooms and collaborative learning style create an inviting, safe, and purposeful environment where students thrive. Walk into any classroom and you will see children peacefully solving their conflicts with the loving support of our dedicated teachers. Our behavioral expectations are clear and our students happily rise to meet them. Harmony’s friendly and respectful atmosphere is contagious and carries on well after school is over.