What is Stem?

Harmony Public Charter Schools STEM Program

It is the Harmony Public Charter Schools Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Program that aims to prepare each student for higher education with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The program provides curriculum, instructional resources, and professional development for STEM teachers. Harmony STEM program is a part of Harmony Public Charter Schools Academic Department that involves a team of curriculum specialists, instructional coaches, and lead teachers in Harmony Public Schools System.

Harmony STEM Program Components

Harmony STEM program has the following components:

  • Project Based Learning Program (PBL): Harmony provides curriculum, instructional resources, and PBL training to the teachers. Curriculum specialists and instructional coaches support teachers on site to assist the implementation of PBL.
  • Professional Development: Harmony believes that content-focused professional development is a critical need to ensure the quality of teaching science and mathematics. Our STEM training model has two major components; the mastery of content knowledge and delivery of the content with effective instructional practices.

  • STEM Culture: The department also provides strategies and resources for schools to build STEM school atmosphere connecting the students to higher education. We design a variety of opportunities for students to take STEM education “beyond the classroom” and see how today’s instruction connects to career and lifelong learning.